Benefits of Landscaping Your Home

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We know that good landscaping looks attractive, but are you really aware of all of the many benefits that landscaping your home in Kansas City could provide? Landscaping is a lot more than just the outward appearance of a property. Here we will discuss some of those many wonderful benefits for homeowners.

Financial Benefits

The first thing you will want to do is to come up with a solid well thought out landscaping design plan. This will incorporate your own ideas and probably include a professional designer or landscaping contractor. It’s important to involve a professional because good landscape design is more likely to lead to a positive payback on the amount invested in the project. A reasonable target percentage that has been used as a standard is 5% of the total value of the home. So if the home were valued at $250,000 a $12,500 investment would be in line with this recommendation.

Most people initially might consider this an expense; however it has been reported in Smart Money magazine that this 5% investment could return as much a 10%-15% which would raise the value of that $250,000 home to more than a $275,000 valuation.   Not bad for a few days work.  The key is in the planning in order to either solve a big problem or to create a stunning look that might be called the “WOW” factor. Water features and outdoor kitchens fall into this category.

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Another factor to keep in mind, especially if you think you might sell your home in a few years, is that a great landscape will give a home that curb appeal that people are looking for in a property. Your landscaping is that first impression and that can make the difference in getting the attention of a perspective buyer. And having good curb appeal will more than likely lessen the time the home stays on the market due to the added attention it will receive.

Curb appeal

So landscaping is not just an expense it is truly an investment in your property. Just make sure it is well thought out and professionally installed by a reputable contractor.

Environmental Benefits

We have all become more environmentally astute over the years so it’s good to know that your landscaping can be designed so that is in line with environmental sustainable principles. Here are some of the ways that occurs.

  • Reduction in water runoff and erosion of the soil when properly designed and mulched.
  • Good landscaping can reduce the summer air conditioning needs with large shade trees, and cold winter winds can be blocked by creating an evergreen screening effect.
  • Your landscaping will remove CO2 from the air. Surprisingly 1 large tree can remove the amount of CO2 that a car will produce in almost 12,000 miles of driving.
  • It will provide food and a home for birds and other animals that make up the urban ecosystem.

So growing green is a great way to be green and protecting the environment.

Quality of Life

And this final benefit of landscaping is really probably the most important and that’s how it improves your own personal quality of life. Your home is your sanctuary that should offer comfort, safety, and relaxation. Great landscaping contributes to all of these qualities. Great landscaping can lead to peace of mind and a feeling of relaxation. Studies have shown mood improvement as a result of beauty in the landscape. Self esteem levels are higher when the surroundings in our living environment are upgraded.

Another quality of life benefit is improved family interaction. Having an outdoor space where everyone can relax and have fun can contribute to not only family events but to the everyday lifestyle and interaction of your family. Most of us love to be outside and having a functional outdoor space is a great way to expand the living area of the home where we can incorporate aspects of nature that we enjoy.

And of course when you entertain this leads to wonderful evenings enjoying the outdoors with good friends. Great lighting, a fire pit, or a stunning water feature will create a paradise effect and almost makes it seem that you are on vacation.

Quality of life is probably the one thing that is at the top of our list of objectives in life. Isn’t it good to know that landscaping will contribute to that objective?

So in closing, as you consider landscaping for your Kansas City property be aware of the many benefits and how it can and will impact your life on many different levels. From financial benefit to quality of life improvement great landscaping will make a difference in your life.

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